Sycamore Middle School offers a wide range of sports for our students. Students may try out for:
  • flag football
  • soccer
  • volleyball
  • basketball
  • track
Sycamore Middle School encourages students to participate in athletics. This is an interscholastic program that is an integral part of the total education system. Our athletic program supports the highest development level of all participants and promotes high standards of ethics, sportsmanship, and personal conduct by encouraging student-athletes, coaches, staff, administration, and community to commit to these high standards. Athletics will provide students the opportunity to develop school pride and spirit, and will teach them the value of teamwork through their involvement.

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Participation in the athletic program is considered a privilege. Students will earn this privilege through satisfactory performances in both academics and citizenship. To be eligible to participate in any sport students must meet the academic and behavioral requirements, have parental consent, and approval from a medical examiner.
The following eligibility rules apply to all students participating in athletics at Sycamore Middle School:
  1. All students involved with athletic teams are required to maintain a 2.0 GPA or C average with no “F’s”. Progress reports and report card grades will determine an athlete’s eligibility. If an athlete is determined ineligible, he or she will not be eligible to practice, travel with, suit up, or participate with the team in any athletic games. Students may participate in tryouts for the next sport if they are ineligible during the current sport but must be eligible when the next sport begins in order to participate.
  2. Students not receiving at least a 2.0 average with no “F’s” at the end of the last quarter of the school year will be considered ineligible for the first sport or activity of the school year. This does not exclude students from trying out for an athletic team. The first progress report grades will determine a student’s eligibility status.
  3. Along with being a good student academically, athletes are also expected to display the Sycamore Scholar behaviors of Respect, Honor, and Success. Any suspensions from school show lack of scholarly behavior may make the student ineligible for the next game(s) or activity(ies), depending on the severity of the offense.
  4. Sometimes it is necessary to remove a student from a sport for various reasons. It is recommended when this measure is being considered that the student, parent and/or administrator discuss the issue with the coach and/or athletic director.

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